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Digital Engagement Specialists

At Search Engines MD we are Digital Engagement Specialists.  We work with you to identify your target demographics, and create a strategy to engage those people through search, social and content marketing.  We will identify the keywords that they are searching, what they are most interested in on social media and then create content that will engage them.

We are able to do this because we take things a step further.  We don’t just find the keywords that people are searching, we also breakdown the intent of that search.  By looking for the intent we can help your website be the source of them finding a resolution.  We don’t drive traffic for the sake of driving traffic.  We drive traffic to help grow your business, as well as help provide solutions to your customers.  Learn more about our Digital Engagement Programs here.

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Social Engagement

We work to actively engage your followers, and bring real value to that engagement.

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Our content driven SEO approach has earned us top rankings on over 200 websites.

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Learn more about our content based Automotive SEO programs.

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Engage your audience through all phases of the funnel.


Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

CEO / Client Relations & Social Media Speciaist

Doug Caywood

Doug Caywood

COO / Implementation & Local SEO Specialist

Cody Jerry

Cody Jerry

CTO / SEO Strategist & Technical Specialist

Treat Facebook Ads As Actual Advertising

Facebook advertising is probably the single biggest fad in marketing right now.  Thanks to the extremely detailed targeting metrics found inside Facebook you can get in front of your target demographic in a way that is probably unmatchable at this point.  It is almost... read more

Automotive Video SEO

For decades we’ve known about the power of video. The combination of sound and site creates the most powerful marketing medium in existence. In fact, business dynasties were founded solely on utilizing TV perfectly. However, things have changed a bit. TV... read more

Google Algorithm Update Code Named FTS Coming Soon

Google, in it’s efforts to stop web spam, has released a new algorithm update code named FTS.  FTS, which is going to be the largest algorithm update in history, is going to completely revolutionize the way we design, optimize and think about websites. We were able to... read more

SEO for Mitsubishi Dealers

Mitsubishi dealerships have a unique situation in the auto industry. Where some brands, such as Toyota, have a lot of loyalty, Mitsubishi hasn’t had enough presence to build that strong loyalty. So, SEO for Mitsubishi dealerships is different than what you would find... read more

Weebly SEO

I’m a big fan of anything that helps empower small businesses, and allows them to get online for low costs. That’s one of the reasons why I like Weebly. It allows people to easily build a website, and get online. However, the reason why I have a love, hate... read more