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Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

CEO / Client Relations & Social Media Speciaist

Doug Caywood

Doug Caywood

COO / Implementation & Local SEO Specialist

Cody Jerry

Cody Jerry

CTO / SEO Strategist & Technical Specialist

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Search Engines MD

Search Engines MD is an internet marketing agency with offices in Chaska and Waconia, MN. We utilize our diverse histories to better relate to your business model, and create a custom strategy that will work for you. In the past we have done Internet Marketing and SEO for Car Dealers, Construction Companies, Dentists, Chiropractors, Photographers and many other industries. Many of our clients have been with us for years because we are able to demonstrate results over the long term, and utilize strategies that minimize any risks from search engine algorithm updates. To learn more about our Waconia and Chaska SEO offices, please check out our services.

Our Services

Weebly SEO

I’m a big fan of anything that helps empower small businesses, and allows them to get online for low costs. That’s one of the reasons why I like Weebly. It allows people to easily build a website, and get online. However, the reason why I have a love, hate...

SEO For Ford Dealers

SEO for Ford Dealers is pretty straight forward. You want to rank whenever someone searches for your cars, such as “Ford F-150 in Your City,” and you want to rank well when someone searches “Ford Dealer in Your City.” At the bare minimum this should be some of the...

Posturing Doesn’t Mean Results

My first taste of marketing was in radio advertising. I was hired on by a small radio station where the only local competition for marketing was the newspaper. At this point newspaper was a very effective medium for marketing. Everyone in that town read the paper, and...

SEO for Honda Dealers

Doing SEO for Honda dealers is pretty obvious. You want your website to show up high on the list for searches on each model, often searched like “Honda Civic in Denver, CO,” as well as for main searches like “Honda Denver.” Basically, you want to rank well whenever...

Pros and Cons of Automotive Microsites

Back in 2010 automotive microsites were a go to strategy for dominating the search results. You saw dozens of dealerships start creating websites for each model, similar to things like HondaCivicHouston.com, in order to rank for specific vehicle searches. Since then...