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Learn more about our content driven optimization services.  Find out how we help businesses of all sizes expand their visibility through Search Engine Optimization, and gain market share.

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Social Media Marketing

Businesses are attracted to social media because it is “free.”  However, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  Like all marketing mediums, social media requires time, strategy and effort.  Without these characteristics you are left shouting at your followers, and not engaging.

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Do You Show Up in Google?

If someone Googles about your service in your city, such as “dentists in Denver,” do they find you?

Is Your Social Media Engaging?

Does your social media actually drive people to your website?  Are they engaging with you online?

Does Your Website Convert?

Do people use your website to contact you?  Or, is it just another thing you checked off the list?

Basics of Car Dealer SEO

At Search Engines MD we try to keep things transparent. For example, we do keyword research for every dealership that contacts u to be sure that they actually need SEO. Occasionally, we are contacted by car dealerships in very rural settings who won’t benefit from...

Web Design Shouldn’t Involve Gut Instincts

Your Gut Instinct Isn’t Great for Web Design My father told me at a young age that you should always trust your gut instinct. I followed this advice well into my teens, and it kept me out of making some really stupid decisions. However, I eventually learned that...

Keyword Research for Car Dealers

Keyword Research for Car Dealers ”Is your website SEO friendly?” This question comes up a lot. Dealerships want to make sure that they are using an automotive website that is optimized for search. Thankfully, Dealer Peak is. We are constantly refining our websites to...

Why Rankings Still Matter for SEO

I’ll be honest. I’m a rank checker. We use a tool to check our rankings daily, and I sift through the 1000+ keywords that we do track on a daily basis. This doesn’t include any of the long tail phrases that we optimize for, which I check Webmaster tools to monitor, so...

Where SEO Fits in the Marketing Funnel

Looking at any marketing blog in the past couple of years you get a sense that SEO is the answer to marketing.  With SEO you can skip all other marketing mediums.  Your work here is done. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  While SEO is the only tool needed for...

Https For SEO: Why Switching May Hurt Your SEO

Google just announced that they will start giving a minor boost in ranking power for sites that utilize an https encryption. This is great for the internet as a whole because it is helping us move forward with a safer internet. Safer being the operative word because...

How to Remove From Google Analytics

You may have noticed that you are getting a few more referral visitors as of late from is simply a bot that happens to engage you javascript. This piece of script is used to filter out the majority of bots because they are unable to activate...

Letting the Concatenate Out of the Bag

     Truth be told, a lot of the work that we do is in the Automotive SEO realm. One of the great things about that, though, is that we have been able to create an awesome spreadsheet for keyword research. Where some other businesses might start from scratch on...

What is a Bad Link

      Google and the other search engines have been waging a war against spam links for the past two years, and the ability to hide bad link building is getting slimmer and slimmer. Just two years ago people were getting away with blatantly buying links, and...

5 Things to Increase Your Page Speed

Back in 2010 Google announced that Page Speed was one of the hundreds of ranking factors that they consider. However, many studies since then have shown that it is a very minor factor. A factor that did have a higher correlation was time to first byte. How long it...