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Since the very beginning Search Engines MD has been about making partnerships with businesses.  This desire started years ago when we opened up our first businesses in the Seattle area.  We made it one of our highest priorities to help our employees achieve their own dreams, and even helped some of them along the way.

Fast forward a decade, and the founders of Search Engines MD’s paths crossed again.  Mike had been doing Search Engine Optimization for a few years at this point, and was looking to create his own agency.  He already had a few connections with companies that needed his services, but needed some additional support.  That’s when Mike contacted Doug to see if he would be interested in doing SEO with him.  Luckily, Doug was doing a lot of experimenting with Social Media and Internet Marketing at that time.  This made the transition pretty much seamless.

As our agency grew we eventually had to add another person to the mix.  That’s when we found Cody with the help of LinkedIn.  He had been doing SEO for a few different car dealerships, and had been helping some small businesses in his area get better rankings.  After a few phone interviews we eventually brought Cody on board, and he has been helping us with our content writing and technical SEO.

The reason why people choose to work with us, versus some bigger agency, is that we are almost always reachable and give you direct responses – without dancing around the question.  One of our core beliefs is to help our partners better understand what we are doing, and having real conversations to make us more effective at helping your business grow.  It’s through this dialogue that we’ve been able to help our partners with much more than just their SEO.  We’ve given them effective advice in many forms of advertising, and helped them better understand how to monitor any campaigns success.

So, by working with Search Engines MD you will find a company that is willing to talk with you, won’t pass you off on some account representative, and give you as much time as you need to understand what is going on with your website, and how we are moving forward.  If you have any questions about how we might help you, then please feel free to give us a call: 612-940-9396

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