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When you hire SEMD you will experience an immediate difference:

  • You get partners who learn about your business!
  • You work with the people who are actually doing the work!
  • You get real, measurable, results!
  • And partners who are always 100% transparent so you can see what you’re paying for.

SEO For Small Business

Your “custom quote” is not an automated glance at your digital presence. It is created after we’ve spoken with you, personally seen, and analyzed, your website and have surveyed your competitive landscape.

Even if you do not hire SEMD we absolutely GUARANTEE you will receive actionable insights and information that can improve your marketing efforts.

Organic Traffic

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Facebook Marketing

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Get To The Top...FAST!

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Optimize and Add Value

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Our goal is to exceed your vision of success. To that end, we are transparent in implementation, process, and results. We take pride in being available and responsive and communicate in a manner and frequency that is convenient for you. SEMD will always act in the best interest of our clients, regardless of our position, and view the results of our work through your eyes.

At our core we are an advertising agency with a focus on optimization, to enhance the value, of our clients’ digital assets.  Our process begins with a complete analysis of all digital properties to find additional opportunities, strategy recommendations, and establish benchmarks whereby our clients are able to evaluate the ROI from our efforts.

The co-founders of SEMD are experienced, successful small business owners and operators. We fully understand the everyday challenges faced by small businesses and why we know how important it is to find partners that you can trust with your digital marketing efforts so you can focus on operating your business. You will be fully informed throughout each and every campaign and fully apprised of results. We “keep it real”. By that we mean that perfect does not exist and we don’t try to sugar-coat less than desired results. Honesty is key and why we still have many of the clients who started with us over six years ago. 

Success, in search, is a marathon not a sprint

Organic results from some efforts may not be immediately apparent and can often exceed the initial term. Our initial agreement includes a strategy with anticipated results and estimated time frames to achieve a measurable return. Considering the time required to achieve organic results we recommend pursuing paid placement strategies initially that can produce more immediate positive results. 

Pricing for Search Marketing and Related Services

For convience we have standard packages that may fit your needs well. That said, if after our initial consulatation, it seems like a good fit then we’ve been known to squeeze a little to make it work within your budget. Helping you to build a successful business and building a positive relationship is of greater importance (to us) than squeezing every cent out of your ad budget.


This is a new version of our website and soon there will be testimonials floating across the screen. Until then feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to share some contact information from several of our clients who have agreed to say only nice things. Really?

Yes really…why would we share a contact that said negative things? If you’ve been paying attention we said “we keep it real” and we’ve been through some rough patches with a couple current clients. Notice we said “current” clients. They’re still with us because they understand we work with and for you. We have even had clients who left us to grab that shiny thing but returned when the glimmer wore off. They were welcomed with open arms.

We Can Answer Your SEO Questions 

or any concerns you have related to digital marketing because we love talking about this stuff!