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About Search Engines MD

First and foremost, we are a small internet marketing company that loves to work with other small businesses.  What sets us apart, though, is that we have decades of experience managing our own businesses.

Where most SEO agencies are recent start ups, and haven’t had to face to as many problems yet, we have years of learning how things really are for small businesses.  That means that we have first hand experience going through the same exact things that you are going through right now.  Hiring, firing, team moral meetings, we’ve done them all.

Of course, you must be wondering why we got into SEO.  Well, it all stemmed from a need.  It’s kind of funny how the world works, but each of us ended up having to learn SEO to help our own businesses in the past, and had to go through all the ups and downs of learning this fine art.

That was ages ago, at least in internet years, and we have successfully optimized over 100 websites to date.  Some of them were much harder than others, but we still took the time to give every one of them our full effort, and it paid off.

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

CEO / Head of Social Media

Mike Donovan’s (C.E.O.) original interest in SEO/SMM began as a result of being a very well-known entertainment bartender. He is a “Huge NETWORKER” and was doing Social Media before it was cool! As social media became a “thing” Mike began to realize how it could be used in the hospitality industry. After several years working in Seattle area Mike struck out on his own, moved to Minnesota, and became the owner/operator of a successful Bar and Restaurant where his growing interest and skill at social media proved to be a valuable marketing resource for his new business.

Mike’s creative social media efforts were brought to the attention of a major auto industry vendor. The Vendor realized, early on, how important it was to have an engaging presence in the online social-sphere and hired Mike as a consultant of their newly formed Social Media department. There Mike took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about search optimization. Mike was instrumental in building massive traffic and thereby creating value for that company who was subsequently acquired the billion dollar company known as AutoTrader.com.

The desire to spend more time with his young family brought Mike to a decision, after five years, to sell his business and create one he could operate from home. Mike continued to be a consultant, learning the SEO “ropes”, and forming the base from which SearchEnginesMD / Visible Dealer would be created. Mike is passionate about all aspects of the business but always has an eye on customer service. Among numerous hats, Mike handles most of the social media management for our current clients.

Doug Caywood

Doug Caywood

COO / Head of Local SEO

Doug Caywood’s (C.O.O.) interest in “search” came long before actually pursuing a career in that field. Initial curiosity came after writing a hospitality industry article in 2009 and discovering that it could actually be found online when searched for in particular ways. For a little over ten years Doug, with his wife Linda, owned and operated NW Pubs, Inc., a regional chain of restaurants and bars in the Seattle area. In 2007 the successful company was sold to a group of Korean investors. Doug continued to be active as a consultant in the hospitality industry but with a curious eye toward internet marketing as it related to that industry. Assisting others with their Facebook business pages became Doug’s first foray into online business. It was during this time that Doug and Mike (thanks to social media) crossed paths again. Mutual passions for all things search and improved customer service led to the creation of SearchEnginesMD / Visible Dealer. Within the first month of forming the new company SEMD was acquiring clients which now numbers over 50. Within the past year with a staff of account managers, sales consultants and strong collaborators it was time to strengthen the technical side(s) of the business. An SEO Ninja was found…
Cody Jerry

Cody Jerry

Head of SEO Strategy

Cody Jerry (C.T.O) – My primary role at Search Engines MD is Search Strategy.  I’m responsible for creating the strategy, and following through with the implementation of that strategy.  My marketing background actually starts in 2009, but I didn’t start to heavily use SEO until 2010.  Since that time I’ve worked on over 300 websites, and achieved top 3 rankings for tens of thousands of keywords.  I’ve also served as the Marketing Director for a dealer group in Montana.  At the helm I was able to bring our market penetration to almost 50%, and more than quadruple our organic and total web traffic.

From the very beginning I have believed in a content heavy strategy.  To this day I am still heavily involved in the content strategy for Search Engines MD, but our Content Director is now in charge for the actual writing of the content.

Tiffany Jerry

Content Director

Tiffany has been writing professionally or semi-professionally for over 10 years.  Starting from one of her very first broadcasts as the serving Cheese Queen, Tiffany has had a passion for news and the written word.  Tiffany has worked at several different newspapers over the years, but we were able to bring her over to start creating exceptional content for our clients.  When Tiffany isn’t behind her keyboard you can find her playing with her dogs or doing photography.