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Birmingham SEO Services

Search engine optimization is a complicated thing. All it takes is one misstep, and your website is forever penalized. Simply put, trusting the wrong company can ruin your website. However, with customers looking to the internet to find almost all of their products and services, you simply can’t afford to do everything you can.

With Search Engines MD you have nothing to fear. We follow Google’s terms of service, and only utilize white hat techniques that will lead to long term results.

How Our Birmingham, AL SEO is Different

Besides only using white hat techniques, we also separate ourselves from other Birmingham SEO services by being completely transparent. Too many companies try to lead people to believe that search engine optimization is some sort of magic or voodoo.

In reality, SEO is just a combination of Science and Writing. We simply analyze what’s going on for your keyword searches, create a game plan, act accordingly and repeat. Beyond that is an extensive knowledge of how search engines work, and today’s best practices for getting results.

Moving Forward

Taking the next step is very easy. You simply give us a call, and let us do a complimentary site audit. We will identify what’s broken on your website, and what it would take to rank at the top for your keyword phrases. No commitment, just knowledge. So, send us a message or give us a call today!