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Every web designer, marketing agency, and digital marketer offers search engine optimization these days. You won’t go one day without getting a spam email from a SEO, and you couldn’t throw a donut in a coffee shop without getting close to one. What you won’t find, most of the time, is a true expert in the industry.

What sets Search Engines MD apart from any of the other SEO companies around is that we don’t simply outsource our optimization to some third party. We aren’t salespeople by trade, we are search marketers.

What Is Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Mapping
  • Site Structure Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Step one in any SEO campaign, regardless if it is for a Bozeman SEO campaign or otherwise, is keyword research. Whoever you talk to needs to provide you with keywords that you should be targeting with your content and website. They should then provide a strategy around those keywords. This is incredibly important because too many people choose words at random, and get top rankings for something that will never drive new customers to your business. Getting a top spot on Google means nothing if you aren’t actually benefiting from it.

Keyword mapping is the next step past Keyword Research. Understanding the intent of the searcher when they type that keyword, and creating content that serves that purpose is essential. If someone is searching to find out the definition of something, and not interested in buying at the moment, your sales page isn’t going to be effective. Your keyword strategy should focus on active customers.

Price of Search Engine Optimization in Bozeman

How much is a car? How much is a house? Our SEO strategies are designed specifically for your website and your niche. That makes every project a custom project. We don’t offer a cookie cutter approach to our marketing, and you should expect one. To get a real price quote, as well as details about your niche, please contact us. We’d be happy to go over the metrics on your website, and help you get a real understanding of what to expect with your SEO.