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Content Marketing for Car Dealers

Content is king; all hail content. That’s been the mantra of SEOs, Web Designers and Internet Marketers for the past several years. To be able to rank for a phrase you need to have content that is oriented towards answering the questions and concerns of that searcher. So, it makes perfect sense for dealers to take on this mantra as well, and start making a push with content marketing. What’s special about content marketing for car dealers, though, is that we have such long buying cycles. That means that we have the possibility of creating content for people who aren’t in the market for a new vehicle yet, people who just started shopping, people who are close to buying and those who just bought.


While we have a plethora of writing options it is important to set goals, and create a strategy to achieve those goals. Our first step is typically to find out what type of visitors you currently have coming to your website. For this we typically use iPerceptions. This allows you to add an on site survey, the exact one you see on Cobalt Chevy sites, to ask your customers what the goal of their visit was, and if you helped them achieve that goal. In our experience we have found that 60-80% of visitors are toward the end of the funnel, and usually looking at selection and price.

For these types of websites content could be a major advantage. You could start getting visits from people higher up in the funnel, and start moving them towards your brands. Some of the outside the funnel content you can write is:

  • New Model Release Dates and Details
  • Information on How This Year’s Model is So Different
  • Information About Changing Technology
  • Exceptional Lease and Buying Specials

Essentially, you are trying to generate an interest that didn’t exist prior. To do this you want to focus on exciting news, advancements and new product releases. The product releases can be great because you are getting current model owners into research mode to see if they want to upgrade. You can also catch some people who have already started getting interested about the new release, and try capture their information.

For the people who are just starting to get in the funnel we also have a variety of content to write:

  • What is the Best SUV?
  • What is the Best Family Car?
  • Best Car for the Money
  • Best Car Leases
  • Buying Guides

The goal of this content is to build interest in your models and your company. You want to provide detailed, informative and engaging content to help people remember you over the next 2-6 months of their shopping cycle.

How We Do Automotive Content Marketing

Search Engines MD has been content oriented since the beginning. Even before Google’s Panda Update, which punished poor content, we focused on creating quality pages that were created to engage customers early and often. We put in the effort to create content that is high quality, and of good length. Depending on the content, and the design of the page, we typically create pages that are 500-2000 words in length. These long pages allow us to show up for the head terms (2-3 Word Search Phrases like “Honda Civic Fargo”) that we are targeting, as well as a great deal of long tail phrases (3 or More Word Search Phrases like “Used Car Dealerships in St. Paul”).

As we create content we make sure to monitor how it is performing in the search results by tracking keywords almost every day. This allows us to see exactly when content is indexed, when it starts to rank and how it continues to perform in the search results. Since rankings are very personalized, meaning that the sites you visit impact the results you see on your computer, we will never get exact numbers. However, this allows us to measure the impact, and evaluate if the page was successful at targeting those terms.

Most importantly, the content we create is heavily researched. We interview your store and salespeople to find out what is special about you, what your goals are and what you believe to be key performance metrics. We then create our strategy around your goals, and provide you with our actual keyword research and access to the ranking tool. We believe in transparent with our partners, and willingly answer your questions. We also provide sources or proof of our concepts on request to allow you to research them further if you wish.

Finally, we believe in active communication. We email, text, call, Facebook message, Skype and use any other tools that you may be interested in using. As long as we aren’t busy or sleeping we will try to answer your call, or callback soon after. We know that your dealership and team can run some long hours, and we are there to keep pace with you. You will also be talking to the people that actually work on your campaign. We don’t put up a wall of bureaucracy to keep you from talking to the people that do the work. This allows us to be extremely agile, and customize the strategy to your needs.  We also provide services to all major manufactures, such as Toyota dealers.