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The first time I heard the term “MPOP” was during a conference call when a member of the sales team for Dealer Teamwork was presenting their landing page platform to one of our clients. It seemed obviously to be an acronym but, during the presentation, it didn’t seem relevant. In hindsight I should have asked what it meant during the presentation because maybe I wasn’t the only one that didn’t know. However, once I learned it’s meaning (as defined by Dealer Teamwork and it didn’t mean Malaysian Pop) it suddenly became very relevant!

“MPOP” – Merchandising, Personalization, Optimization Platform

Other popular usages of the MPOP acronym include “Multiple Points of Presence” and “Main Point of Presence”. Even though Dealer Teamwork defines it differently I now realize both the alternative definitions could be used to effectively describe this exciting, patent pending, system created by Dealer Teamwork especially for the automotive industry. Released in 2016 to rave reviews Dealer Teamwork has already received major recognition and awards  MPOP system from Dealer Teamwork (612) 940-9396

The letters in MPOP stand for critical factors of automotive inventory marketing management:


It is crucial to first create a strategy to present your inventory listings in a way that is formatted for your online shoppers which means responsive mobile pages are a priority. Here MPOP shines by providing you with a virtual online showroom. These landing pages merchandise your listings in a form you can be proud to present to any visitor. They are in REAL-TIME and RESPONSIVE giving you instant control of each listing.


Messaging control is an important aspect of marketing and MPOP allows complete control of vehicle offers, leasing display, financing opportunities and prices all under your instant control.


Search Engine Optimization is a primary consideration. If your listings are not presented in a way that fits within search engine best practices then they simply won’t be seen by online shoppers. MPOP ensures your offers are relevant, maintain the high quality scores providing lower cost-per-click and higher conversion rates.


Dealer Teamwork provides all the above advantages in their Launch Control system…100% control…Easy to understand and use via a live visual editor and published in a responsive, fully OEM compliant package. Coupled with your Google Analytics Launch Control provides fully transparent tracking so you can know your marketing is effective and providing the greatest return on investment.

Search Engines MD is proud to be affiliated with and recommend Dealer Teamwork. See MPOP for yourself. Call Mike Donovan at (612) 940-9396 or reach out online and prepare to be impressed, be more effective and finally have total inventory merchandising control.

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