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Search Engine Optimization services

Search Engine Optimization Services

Every month we get referrals and leads from businesses looking for SEO. They know that they need to have their website optimized, and they want to work with us because they heard we do a good job. However, most of the time these businesses aren’t quite sure what SEO is or does.

What SEO Is

First of all, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an opportunistic style of marketing. We identify the phrases that people are already searching, and create content that addresses searcher’s questions and concerns. This is where the phrase “content is king” came from. You need content to be able to be considered relevant by search engines like Google.

What SEO Is Not

What SEO is not is an interest building style of marketing. That is, SEO only works if there are people that are either searching specifically for your product, or are searching for a solution to a problem that your product would solve.

An example of people searching specifically for your product are searches like “computers for sale.” People who search this are looking for a computer to buy.

An example of people searching for a solution would be “how can I stop my shoes from stinking.” If you have a product that stops stinky shoes, then you would want a piece of content that addresses this concern.

If you are looking for a digital marketing product that can help grow awareness and market share you should learn more about our Social Media Marketing campaigns.

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How We Help Businesses Grow

  1. Interview You About Your Business
  2. Scan Your Website For More Information
  3. Audit Your Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics
  4. Use Tools to Identify Keywords
  5. Create a Content Strategy Based on Those Keywords
  6. Establish a User Experience For Each Part of the Content Strategy
  7. Implement Strategy
  8. Refine and Improve

We keep our strategy as simple as possible to make it easy to understand. It boils down to research, strategize and implementation. For most of our clients implementation of content is an ongoing process. By spreading out content and changes across several months you can lower the upfront cost as we implement the most important parts first.

For some industries, such as Automotive, where products update every year, and there are thousands of search terms, the strategy can be ongoing.

For local businesses who only have a select few services we can simply implement the strategy, and you will be well set up with your on-page SEO. This still usually takes 3-6 months, even for small businesses.

Improving Your Website’s Authority

The other part of SEO that is much harder to do, and even learn, is the off-site SEO. This is where you improve the authority of your website by getting mentions, links and citations from other websites. There are thousands of programs out there offering a fast solution for top ranking. However, these all come with an asterisk. With search engines taking a stance against programs that artificially inflate websites authority, specifically buying or acquiring links only to manipulate rankings, there really is no shortcut to lasting results.

For this part of search engine optimization we focus on producing exceptional content, and then reaching out website owners and bloggers who may be interested in reading about it. We also request that they share the post with their followers if they find it interesting. This may be a Facebook post, Tweet or even a blog post responding to our own. They may also totally ignore our email. Getting exposure from other websites is a numbers game, and requires experience in order to generate higher communication rates, and better results.

In our breakdown meeting with you we will discuss all the content that we suggest for your website, where your authority ranks amongst your competitors and the time tables you may be looking at to overtake them.

For more information please give us a call: 612-940-9396. We answer almost anytime throughout the day, minus major holidays and family gatherings, and we always call back if you leave a message.