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Digital Engagement Services

In digital advertising there is a lot of “justs.”  Just post daily to grow your Facebook.  Just write great content to get more traffic.  Just post a blog post each week.  Unfortunately, or fortunately for those who do it right, it is much more complicated than that.  Posting just to post, or writing just to write, doesn’t have the impact it used to have when the internet wasn’t as saturated; before there was a blog about everything.  The standards of today’s internet users is much higher than it was even 3 years ago.  Your potential customers expect more.

We absolutely know that at Search Engines MD.  We’ve been through all the major updates that Google has released over the years, and we have seen our strategies work flawlessly through them all.  We create precise strategies to target your potential customers, and work to engage them rather than just drive them to your website.  We strive to find the right person, at the right time and bring them to a solution that they are looking for.  By aiming at engagement, and not simply traffic, we are able to produce positive results for our partners.

Social Media is often touted as a free style of marketing.  However, if you aren’t investing in the advanced targeting provided by the platforms you are doing yourself a disservice.  We can work with you to target people that may currently be in the market for your product or service, and potentially target past customers that may be back in the buying cycle.  Before we get started on your project we do a great deal of investigation and research.  We want to target customers that are interested in what you offer, so identifying and targeting the right people is a must.  Learn more about our social media marketing here.  We also have an automotive social media marketing plan that can even harness the power of your CRM.

At Search Engines MD we completely believe that Content is King, and base our search engine optimization strategies around that. As you will see on our SEO page, we do substantial research on your topic, and generate a list of all the terms that would be ideal for you to rank well for. We then create a content strategy around this content. From this point we work to create completely unique content that focuses on your brand and your offerings. This allows you to stand out from your competitors, but still rank well for your key terms. To learn more about our SEO please click here.  We also have special packages designed for automotive SEO.

If your product or service requires a lot of research before purchase, or if your service is complex and needs a lot of information to encourage buyers, then content marketing is right for you.  We research thousands of phrases and keywords to determine what people are searching for when researching your product or service.  We also research topics that are similar to yours to help build interest.  We then create content that will satisfy the intent of these searchers, and help brand your business as the expert in your field.  This helps build brand awareness and sales.  You can learn more about our automotive content marketing here.

PPC Advertising

With all the keyword research we do with SEO and content marketing we also have all the data we need to get your Pay Per Click advertising performing at a high level.  When combined with our SEO services we are able to create targeted landing pages for both SEO and PPC, and provide better experiences for your visitors.  We are also able to position your business well by focusing in on what makes you special, and not just the products that you offer.

Web Design

Usability and simplicity are cornerstones in what we do at Search Engines MD.  We focus on creating a good experience for your website visitors, and aiding them in finding the information they are searching for.  By focusing on your ability to serve your visitors we are able to create websites that produce conversions, and lasting results.  You also get the added benefit of a great deal of search engine optimization research before we even start on the project.  We design the website to rank well from the beginning, and follow through to make sure that it does produce results.