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Social Media Marketing


Doing Social Marketing Since Before it Was Cool

At Search Engines MD we’ve been doing social media marketing since before it was cool. When Myspace, yes Myspace, first came out we started using it for event promotions and announcements. We engaged directly with our loyal customers, and built several thriving businesses. So, Mike, the C.E.O. and Social Media Director, has personally been rocking social media since the early 2000’s. When Facebook first opened up to everyone, and not just college students, we also expanded our skills to this new medium. Without business profiles we simply built followings by using personal accounts for businesses. This allowed us to engage one on one like we did on Myspace for all those years. After the migration to business pages we made sure to incorporate this into our new strategies.

Years Doing Social Media

Years Doing Facebook Marketing

Years Doing Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook Marketing

Advanced Social Tactics

More important than our history, though, is how we have progressed. Our team is constantly in a state of progression. We believe that Social Media Marketing requires constant testing, refinement and implementation to stay on the cutting edge of tactics. So, every day we spend time scanning blogs, watching competitors and examining what type of content, posts and information gets the most quality actions.

We’ve also added LinkedIn and Twitter to our cart of services, and utilize this same strategy on all mediums that we approach. For more information about our products and services, please contact us.

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