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St. Cloud Search Engine Optimization

Your customers are using the internet to find information about their purchases. Everyone knows that. However, a proper search engine optimization strategy targets people through all parts of the funnel. You should be optimizing for your business name, your business type, people looking for reviews, people with questions and more. A good example for a massage therapist would be:

Business Name: Earthly Massage
Business Reviews: Earthly Massage Reviews, Earthly Massage Testimonials
Category Searches: Massage St. Cloud, St. Cloud Massage Therapists
Category Review Searches: St. Cloud Massage Reviews

There is also research based searches like what kind of massage should I get, what’s the difference between deep tissue and shiatsu, etc. Point is, every business should be optimizing beyond the straight forward keywords; they should be optimizing for the full funnel.

Why Choose Our St. Cloud SEO Service

First off, we are local. Our main headquarters is just down the road from St. Cloud. We also won’t farm out your SEO to some offshore company. We do all of our own writing, optimization and refining.

Secondly, you can contact us almost 24/7. Passionate business owners often have thoughts and questions late into the night, and we answer them within hours a shockingly often amount of time. We try to be accessible like this because we know what it’s like to be a business owner. Each of us have owned several.

Thirdly, we are fun to work with. We aren’t some robots that will speak in code. We are real people with real jokes that are occasionally funny. We also take the extra step to get to know you, your business and your values. We want to be a partner to your business, and not some company that you hired to do some stuff.

How to Move Forward With Our SEO

Made it this far? Then you should definitely give us a call. We would be happy to do a completely free SEO checkup to see if you need SEO, and what benefit SEO would have for your business. If you are already doing really well, or SEO wouldn’t help you, we will tell you that. Why waste money on something that isn’t needed? By contacting us you will find out if you need SEO, what benefits you might see and what work you need done to your website. Completely complimentary.