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Why Choose Search Engines MD

With more than 200 websites and a vast array of excellent testimonials, you can be certain that we achieve results. And these results are not just for today, these are the kind of results that last for years to come. At Search Engines MD, we don’t cut corners, and we always create unique content and strategies for our clients. We wouldn’t want someone to use a cookie cutter approach on us, so we don’t use it on our clients.

However, this is not what makes us special. What makes our company unique is that you get to talk to the people who actually work on your website. We don’t put up walls of bureaucracy between you and the workers. During our meetings, you have the opportunity to discuss goals and strategies directly with the people who will be doing the work. This ensures that nothing is left to fall through the cracks.

The reason we chose this route over an account manager system is simple – communicating changes to an account manager instead of the implementer allows room for communication errors and we wanted to eliminate that. Errors force precious time to be wasted on both sides, when the task could have been completed correctly the first time with proper communication. By taking out the middle person, we are able to ask the necessary questions directly, get the answers we need and make the changes immediately.

At Search Engines MD, we are available at almost any time. We are open to emails, phone calls, texts, Facebook chats, and nearly any other form of communication you wish to utilize. We are flexible, and almost always reachable. You will find that we are very likely to answer texts you send at midnight, reply to emails sent over the holidays, and we will absolutely fix something on your website during the weekend. We don’t want to handcuff your company’s performance to a set work window and we can accommodate your work schedule. If we can’t get something done right away, we will let you know when the task will be completed.

At Search Engines MD, you will find clear goals, clear communication and clear results.

  • Communication 100%
  • Experience 100%
  • Success Rate 100%
  • Excuses 0%