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Everyone knows that content is king, but some really struggle with where to start. So, we created this list of 10 things that you can write about, and post on social media. With just 30 minutes per day you can start producing great blog posts for your website, and gain exposure in your local market.

1. Introduce Features of a Vehicle

Did your vehicle just get a major redesign, or a small one from the new year, then introduce it! Tell everyone about the changes that the OEM made to this years model, and why it is so much better than last years. If your model got a complete redesign you can breakdown the design process.

2. Descriptive Walk Arounds With Photos

Take the photos you took of one of your cars, preferably one that is loaded, and do a descriptive walkaround by describing what’s in those pictures. Talk about the new interface that the vehicle has, towing capacity, miles per gallon and every other thing that you find interesting. If you need tips about what to include convince one of your salespeople to do a demo walkaround to get ideas.

3. Recap a Local Event

Put a memo out at the company that you would love to get photos from any local events that they go to. You can do a recap of what happened at the event, and post pictures of some of the exhibits or activities that were taking place. This type of content is fantastic for social posts, and can help you get additional traffic from people searching for info about events.

4. Interview Local Leaders

Mayors, Commissioners and all kinds of city officials love to get information out there. Work out a system for email interviews with some of your city’s officials. You can get great info for blog posts, and provide exceptional value for those who like your dealerships page.

5. Tease New Model Releases

Have a single post dedicated to revealing details about next years model. Setup Google Alerts for your make and model to be the first to get news. Share this with your followers. You can even try collect email addresses from people who want to know when the new model is released. With enough signups you could also have a launch party.

6. Compare Your Vehicle to Competitors

This one is a little tricky. Comparing your vehicles is a great content tactic, but it requires balance. You want to be as close to unbiased as you can because you want to provide value, not just sales. You can either compare your model to all other models that it is compared to in your market, or do each individually.

7. Highlight Local Sports

Most newspapers are too busy to announce the youth sports in your area, so you can be that voice. Go introduce yourself to the coaches in your area, and work out some sort of partnership where they text you scores and updates after the game. If they are unable to do it, then they should be able to point you in the direction of someone who could. This type of local news can set your dealership apart.

8. Compare Trim Levels of Your Vehicles

If you’ve ever tried to research the difference between trim levels online you’ve probably seen that they are a mess. The OEM needs to provide all the details, so it makes it a mess. Instead, you can produce quick recaps about the differences, and explain who often chooses whim trim, and for what reason.

9. Highlight Local Non-Profits

Non-profits are always doing a delicate balance of exposure and budgeting. They want to gain awareness, but marketing is rarely in the budget. You can help these local non-profits out by highlighting some of their services, and providing links to learn more. They may even link back to you.

10. Create an Event Calendar

There are dozens of calendars for your area, so you won’t get much value of simply having it. Where you may get value is helping other local events gain exposure. Facebook marketing can be very affordable making it a great resource for getting the word out about an event, and getting a little klout with the creators.

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