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5 SEO Tools Every Car Dealer Needs

While doing automotive SEO in house is definitely possible, it isn’t something that we often suggest. While blogs do try give out great info, you better believe that they aren’t giving out their exact techniques. This is one of the main reasons why you see many digital marketing news companies talking about correlations, and very little of the little nuances that people believe help them rank sites better. Still, if you are going to go the course on your own, or simply want to check in on your agency, here are some tools to use.

1. SerpCloud.com For Rank Checking

Almost every blog you read there will be people saying how pointless it is to check your rankings. Heaven forbid that you even used a tool that gave you daily ranking updates like SerpCloud.com. Truth is, though, that rankings still matter in SEO; you simply can’t rely on them to be perfectly accurate. What you will want to do is read your results with a grain of salt. You can also do some manual checks in a browser that never visits sites, and has its cache cleared often.

This tool can be great for those of you who are currently using a SEO agency, and really want to keep an eye on progress. Ask them for the keywords they are targeting, and put them in your tool.

2. SEO Power Suite

The SEO Powersuite actually comes with a rank checker. However, you have to run it through proxies in order to avoid search engines blocking you. However, the rank checker is not why we recommend this tool. What makes this suite powerful is the other tools in the list, as well as the one time fee associated with it.

The Spyglass tool will help you get an idea of who is linking to your website, as well as who is linking to your competitors websites. Links are still a huge part of the ranking algorithm, and often a trump card for poor onsite SEO. By understanding where you and your competitors stand with links you can get an idea of what kind of link building you need to do.

The Website Auditor is a great tool for finding broken links, ones that don’t actually lead to a page anymore, how many pages have duplicate title tags, which pages have an unoptimized meta description, as well as a content auditor to see how optimized your pages are.

These tools can replace some other higher priced web based tools at a much lower cost.

3. Moz Digital Marketing Tools

Moz was originally designed to be a SEO tool. They have since expanded beyond that title, and now offer many features to track social, SEO and other marketing initiatives. The three things that we frequently use Moz for are its Open Site Explorer, link research tool, Mozbar, which shows the Open Site Explorer data and the Q&A section. It also offer a great rank checker, which runs weekly, but we have too many sites to make this aspect cost effective. However, it is great for dealerships with 5 or less sites.

4. Feedly RSS Reader

Now, Feedly isn’t a SEO tool. All it does is grab RSS feeds from the blogs you read, and put them in one place. A good RSS reader is essential for keeping up with the constant barrage of blog posts and news that digital marketers get hit with daily. Feedly makes it easy by letting you mark stories as read just by scrolling. This takes uninteresting stories out of your feed quickly, and lets you scan anywhere with the Feedly app.

5. A Partner in Crime

Mentors make things easier. By finding someone that you can trade ideas with, or simply bounce ideas off of if you are in a hurry, you can bring your marketing game to a whole new level. Getting that unbiased, and without business ties, perspective can make a whole world of difference. This is one of the most valuable aspects of going to conferences, and why we constantly tell our clients they should be going to them.

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