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Another week and another Facebook algorithm update. Things are getting more and more complicated for organizations depending on organic Facebook results. Even amongst all of these changes, though, it’s clear that video is the goto content form on social media. Video typically has a better reach, better engagement and better impression on people seeking new brands and services.

So, why isn’t it being utilized more?

Get Started With Facebook Video

The first step is to get over any stagefright you might have. If you really want to utilize Facebook for all of its power you need to be doing video. So, get cracking on doing video. Practice, practice and practice some more. The first few videos might be rough, but you’ll be great in front of the camera soon enough. If you are still struggling you may want to look for a coach. Invest in yourself often.

The next step is the right tools. Luckily, you have a great recording device already. Your smartphone is great at taking video, and already has built in technology to capture higher quality sound. You can invest in some bluetooth earbuds, microphones or lapel mics to get higher quality sound out of your videos. Sound quality is essential for success.

The last step, and the most daunting, is editing. If you have experience editing video things will be easier for you. If you don’t, though, you will want to focus on shorter videos that will require less editing. Practice with these often, but still put out the short version content. Video is important to your strategy, and waiting until you get things perfect will leave you hanging. The exception is already established brands who need a polished voice.

Finally, using your video in multiple spots is essential. Although Facebook was the main intent for your video, it is also valuable to put it on Youtube. Making double use of this asset can produce additional results.

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