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Chevrolet SEO

Chevrolet SEO

Compared to some other brands, such as Toyota and Honda, Chevrolet SEO is a lot more challenging. We’ll typically see several Chevrolet dealerships within a 100 mile radius, all competing for the same keywords. So, you are competing against the major 3rd party websites, the OEM websites and several local dealerships. The search results quickly become congested, as you can assume.

How We Do Chevrolet Dealer SEO

Our strategy always starts with keyword research. We’ve worked on hundreds of dealership websites through the years, but we always go back to the basics every single time. The reason why we do this is to make sure we aren’t missing a random keyword variation. We’ve found that dealers in different regions often have a keyword or two that are unique to that city, state or area. By doing our research we can be sure not to miss anything.

After we do the keyword research we start our content marketing strategy. This is a list of all the content that we need to create for the campaign and all the keyword that we are targeting. The keywords immediately go into our keyword tracking software, to get a baseline for where we are starting. This content list is broken down based on the amount of content that we are creating for that Chevrolet dealership.

The third step of our Chevrolet SEO service is our local SEO audit. We check all of the top citations, or local directories, to verify that your information is perfect in each of them. We look to see if your business name, address, phone, and website are correct. If they are not we submit to have it updated.

Finally, we work on improving your website’s authority. Search engines use backlink metrics to determine the authority of your website. So, we utilize your current relationships to build real links to your dealership. This is the most natural way to build links and can have an immediate impact. We then work with you to create link worthy content and engage with people online to get this content noticed.

To Learn More Contact Us

To learn more about how we do SEO for Chevrolet dealers feel free to contact us. We can discuss how we help dealerships like yours, and the type of results we’ve experienced in the past. We can also have an open and transparent dialogue of what it will take to get your website to rank well for these phrases, or automotive SEO in general.