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Ford SEO

SEO for Ford Dealers is pretty straightforward. You want to rank whenever someone searches for your cars, such as “Ford F-150 in Your City,” and you want to rank well when someone searches “Ford Dealer in Your City.” At the bare minimum, this should be some of the goals of your SEO project. From there you can grow into ranking for used car searches, car dealership searches, and even competitor searches. However, you should have the basics down first before you move any further.

How We Help Ford Dealers With SEO

Now, there are two major pieces needed to rank well: relevance and authority. Relevance is all about having the right content on your website and having it formatted correctly to get the best results. To rank for each vehicle search you will want to create a page dedicated to each model and make sure that the page is fully optimized. While having a page solely relevant to one model is important, the biggest factor for doing this is actually user experience. If your visitor is looking for a Ford Focus, then that page better be all about the Ford Focus. Creating a dedicated page for each model allows you to do that effectively.

The second piece of ranking organically is the authority. Authority is essentially who links to you, and, in turn, who links to them. If they have a lot of people linking to them, then the link to you will be more powerful. Getting people to link to you is complicated, though. Google doesn’t want you to game the system with links, which is why they created the Penguin update, so the best way to get links is through content.

Another step to getting good rankings is through Local SEO. Local SEO has to do with the local listings section, where things are labeled with letters, in the search results. The major factors for this are an optimized citation profile, consistent name and address on these citations, site authority and utilizing keywords on the website.

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