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Honda SEO

Honda SEO

Doing SEO for Honda dealers is pretty obvious. You want your website to show up high on the list for searches on each model, often searched like “Honda Civic in Denver, CO,” as well as for main searches like “Honda Denver.” Basically, you want to rank well whenever someone searches for the brand in your area or any individual vehicle you have in stock.

For Honda, individual vehicle rankings are very important. The Honda Civic, Accord and Pilot have a lot of brand recognition and get a great number of searches each month. To take full advantage of these searches you will want to also incorporate video into your digital strategy.

Finally, additional content is essential for these searches. There are people searching for things like Honda Civic MPG, Honda Civic Horsepower, and Honda Civic Reviews. You want your website to have the content in order to appear well for these long tail searches.

How to Do Well With Honda SEO

As you can see, content should be your main focus. However, it shouldn’t be your only focus. While Google is doing its best to diminish the value of links, it isn’t there yet. So, you will also want to utilize your current relationships and partnerships to generate quality links to your website. Talk to every vendor you work with, both marketing and for parts, and ask for a link back to your website. Talk to every organization and team that you sponsor, and request that they link back. Basically, ask everyone you know to do it.

These links increase the authority of your website and allow you to rank well for a variety of terms. This process will be slow, and challenging. Trying to cheat the system, and paying people to create fake links, is a major problem that Google has been addressing for years. Doing so can cause your website to actually rank lower. So, it is important to only do link building in a sensible way, and partnering with companies you actually work with.

Honda SEO Boils Down to Content and Authority

While there are over 200 different ranking signals in the Google algorithm, they all boil down to relevance and trust. By having content that is most relevant to the search, which is why we promote a lot of content creating and building trust through relevant links, you can grow your digital presence.  That is the fundamental piece of our Automotive SEO.