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KIA Dealer SEO

Search engine optimization is an opportunity based marketing initiative. Meaning, you target the keywords that people are searching. SEO in itself does not increase the search volume of these phrases. So, KIA SEO is considerably different compared to Ford or Toyota, which has a large number of searches each month. Doing SEO for KIA dealerships takes some creativity and a strong content marketing strategy.


Our SEO strategy for KIA dealerships starts with keyword research. We go through to identify all of the KIA searches that are happening in your marketing area, as well as research to see what phrases your competitors are generating.

From our keyword research, we create a full content strategy. This includes content to target the current in-market shoppers in your area, as well as ways to kidnap traffic from your competitors. This could be in the form of comparisons or a heavy focus on used vehicles. This list of content will be very deep, and last for months of your strategy, depending on the content package you have with us.

From here we will do our local audit. The intent of this audit is to determine how accurate your citations are, the local directory website listings, and create a strategy to fix the citations that are incorrect. Consistent and accurate citations are a prime ranking factor for search engines, and we want to be sure you are well represented.

The final component of KIA dealer SEO is building authority. Authority is generated by the websites that link back to yours, also known as backlinks. The best way to generate backlinks is through your current business relationships. Talk to the companies that you partner with, sponsor and work with to see if they will link back to your website. From there you will want to implement a content strategy to naturally generate backlinks to your website.

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