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Nissan SEO

Nissan SEO

When doing SEO for car dealerships, regardless of brand, content is always the major focus. Content that fulfills the intent of the searcher, answers a question or need, is the type of content that search engines prefer. We differentiate this from the term “quality content” because being well written is often not a condition for ranking. Plenty of poorly written content ranks well because it solves the intent.

That being said, you should always aim to have well-written content. The effectiveness of your writing is an essential piece of your brand, and it should always reflect what you are about.

How We Do Nissan SEO

For Nissan SEO, the type of content you are going to be writing is going to focus on serving people who are in the market for your services. The first pieces of content you are going to write are going to target people searching for Nissan in your city, and the other cities you are targeting. These searches are basically “city Nissan.” The people that are searching this phrase often have a vehicle in mind, and simply want to find the dealership they are going to buy from.

The second piece of content you are going to work on creating is make, model, city content. These are searches like “Nissan Altima City.” These people already know the type of vehicle they want, and simply want to find it.

The third pieces of content you are going to write are detail oriented. You are going to write pieces of content that will serve the people who are doing research. This could be talking about miles per gallon, the different colors you offer or any special feature on a vehicle. The point of this content is to address a valid question, as well as get them onto your retargeting campaign.

Of all three of these pieces of content, the blog content can be the most important. That sounds crazy, right? However, links are still a huge part of the ranking algorithm at Google. So, you need to create resources that are link worthy. Your blog is an ideal place for this. It allows you to create heavily researched, long-form content that can be link worthy. Without link worthy content you are going to be stuck at the bottom of page one at best in this niche.

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