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Toyota SEO

How to Do Toyota SEO

As one of the highest volume, if not the highest, Toyota has been a name brand for car shoppers for years. One of the reasons why they are able to maintain this is through brand loyalty. Many people who drive Toyota tend to keep driving them for many years. Some start off with a Corolla and then grow into a Highlander as the family grows. Others simply like the 4Runner and Tacoma, and would never leave.

What does this have to do with Toyota SEO? Everything. As brand loyal customers move around the country, or simply want to look at what’s available in the area, they are going to search out their next Toyota. That means that you must reach them before they reach one of your competitors.

What Your SEO Must Cover

As you have probably heard content is extremely important for search engine optimization. So, it should be no surprise that content should be the cornerstone of every Toyota SEO strategy. If you are doing it yourself, then you really need to be creating five or more additional pages every single month. You should be blogging, creating landing pages and reaching out to local businesses to blog for them as well.

Now, what is it that you should be writing? Well, you should have a landing page for the cities you are targeting, including every city in your area of responsibility. You will also want to have landing pages for each model. If anyone searches for one of your vehicles in your city you want to show up. This is a low funnel car shopper, and will be buying soon. Finally, you want landing pages for leasing. Explain how a lease works on that vehicle, and why you should consider leasing one.

Yes, this is a lot of pages of content you need. That’s what it takes to be extremely effective online.

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To learn more about how we do SEO for Toyota dealers feel free to contact us. We can discuss how we help dealerships like yours, and the type of results we’ve experienced in the past. We can also have an open and transparent dialogue of what it will take to get your website to rank well for these phrases, as well as automotive SEO as a whole.