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Search Engines MD (SEMD) is a data driven digital marketing agency providing search, social, and content marketing.

What Is Data Driven Marketing?

SearchEnginesMD is a data driven company

Digital marketing has the odd habit of producing misleading numbers. For example, you can run a Facebook ad that generates a very low cost per click, a lot of visits and a low bounce rate by running a contest with a ridiculous offer. However, the likelihood of generating any business from that traffic is very minimal. Most digital marketing is the same, but at a much less extreme scale.

 What we always look for is how we can generate valuable traffic to a website, and how can we take advantage of the traffic that is already coming to the website. The intent is to be effective as possible, while still being as aggressive as possible. We want to get the easy wins, the people that we know are in the market, as well as create strategies to drive even more people into being in market. That happens by analyzing the data on all levels, from rankings and click throughs to conversions.

Search Engine Optimization

 Search Engines MD was built upon our SEO techniques. We’ve been in business for a little over six years, and have worked on over 300 websites in that time. Since day one we have been content oriented, and worked to squeeze every bit of value out of a small business’s website while controlling the costs associated. Our primary goal was to work with small to medium sized businesses.

 Our skillset has changed, but our mindset has not. We are now able to work on even large enterprise projects, but we still keep the focus on efficiency and value. Always being as effective as possible in our work space.

The niches that we work most often in, even though we are able to help in almost any vertical, are automotive, health and construction.

Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising

 Moving into Google Adwords management was a natural progression for us. Having done keyword research for years we easily morphed our efficient strategies to pay per click advertising. What you will find from our services is that each one is custom designed, meaning we don’t simply just copy over someone else’s strategy, and that we make it as personal as possible. Custom work is meaningless unless you actually customize it to the company you are working with.

 We also focus on conversions and growing your business. We look for what keywords are converting, how they are converting, and making decisions on that. We also look at the keywords that aren’t converting, and find a way to improve the results that we are getting from those. Helping you grow is the goal.

Social Media Advertising

 We focus on two primary pieces for social media marketing: Facebook Advertising and Organic Youtube. Through Facebook’s advertising platform we are able to get your message in front of the people that are most likely to buy, and then show you the results of those campaigns. We do this by utilizing tracking tags that can be seen in Google Analytics, and show real conversions. For businesses that collect customer information we can even demonstrate offline conversions from Facebook ads.

 Our Facebook strategy focuses on providing a real return on your investment, and getting your business engaged as frequently as possible. Our results go hand and hand with the connection and communication that we have with each client.

 As for Youtube, our focus is on optimizing each video that you create to show up well in Google and Youtube search results. Youtube is a tremendous way to grow your reach online, and we encourage every business, not just the ones that we do Youtube marketing with, to get started on the platform.

Learn More About Us

 We’re spread across the country which means some is always available to respond to your needs nearly 24 hours a day. Head over to “Where We Are” page for specifics.

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