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Industries We Serve

At Search Engines MD we specialize in business to consumer marketing over Search and Social platforms, specifically Facebook. We’ve done so on over a dozen different content management systems and industries, such as automotive, real estate, wellness, and construction. This has led us to work on website content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Drupal, Google Websites, Professional Sites, Chiromatrix, ChiroPlanet, and all automotive website platforms. That being said, we don’t recommend all of these platforms. Several of them have major hindrances that make optimization much more difficult.

Automotive Industry

Search Engines MD started out in the automotive world almost eight years ago by offering search engine optimization to car dealerships. Websites at this point were drastically different than what we have today, but the core concepts are similar. While we have more non geo searches, such as “2018 Toyota Corolla LE” vs “Toyota Corolla Seattle,” we are still optimizing for people looking for vehicles and dealerships.

After having several dealerships in our beta Facebook advertising platform we decided to expand the service into a full product three years ago. When we first launched our social media system the cool thing on the block was embedding your website onto a Facebook tab, and creating apps for your Facebook page. Those are things that aren’t even talked about anymore because of how effective the Facebook Advertising Platform is. You can now get traffic to your website for people who are currently in the market for a vehicle for far cheaper than Google Adwords or many other platforms.

Chiropractors, Dentists, and Doctors

Getting new patients is our highest priority when it comes to doctors, dentists, and chiropractors. That is why our search and social strategies for the wellness industry have a heavy focus on acquiring them. We’ve identified the best phrasal concepts for these niches, and have a history of helping companies hit record numbers through search and social. Retention is still absolutely imperative for these companies to continue to grow, but our marketing focuses heavily on getting new patients through the door.

While there are major limitations to using the websites that have been developed for these industries, we do have a lot of experience working within them and getting great results. The process is just slightly slower in the end, but the results are the same.

Construction Industry

When we look at the construction industry we saw big potential. From heavy timber companies to roofing companies we see a lot of need for a better website experience, a better search experience, and a lot of potential for the use of social media. The perks of this industry, versus some of the others that we work with, are the amazing visuals. Every home that is built is a unique design, at least for the companies we work with, making Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest a huge focus. The catch, though, is that even though there are a lot of likes and shares happening, leads don’t tend to come through. Now, likes don’t pay the bills, and growth requires a plan. That means that we do things differently with our search and social strategies by integrating them. By getting the ideal customers to your website through search you are able to generate a true potential audience. From there you can utilize this audience to create an ideal Facebook audience for new customers. You are using the demographics of people trying to hire your services to find potential new customers.

Restaurants, Coffee Shops, and Cafes

Thousands of people in your time, unless you are in a very small town, head to Google to find their next lunch, coffee or meeting place with friends. You showing up in one of the first spots means that many more opportunities to generate more business. It also helps build recognition because past customers will continue to be reminded of your name as they search for where to go for dinner. This works best when your reviews actually show you are a great business.

For restaurants we offer web design, search engine optimization, Google Adwords, Facebook marketing and reputation marketing. Another added benefit is that our founders are actually from the restaurant industry. Search Engines MD was started on the experience they developed marketing their restaurants.

And Many More

Because of our experience and history of working with small businesses we are very flexible. We can work with many different budgets, and develop a custom strategy to drive results for your specific business. Call now to get a free consultation.

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