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Your “custom quote” is not an automated glance at your digital presence. It is created after we’ve spoken with you, personally seen, and analyzed, your website and have surveyed your competitive landscape.

Even if you do not hire SEMD we absolutely GUARANTEE you will receive actionable insights and information that can improve your marketing efforts.



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You Can’t Teach Give a Sh*t

We’ve been told our business model is insane. We meet with our clients often, we teach them everything we know, and we create a dynamic environment where the strategy is always changing and growing. We really don’t like to sit still and wait for things to happen. The reason why we go a little crazy with our meetings is that we want to be a part of your business, and to help in every capacity that we can. Integrated, integral, and insanity is our everyday.
Giving a Sh*t means treating each and every client as if it were our own business, and offering not just our base service, but consulting on all things digital as well.  The free exchange of knowledge is essential for us to stay ahead of the curve, and communication keeps us dynamic.  Search Engines MD was never designed to be cookie cutter, so each client, even in the same niche, gets its own custom strategy.

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Minnesota Digital Marketing Agency

We are an incredibly passionate group of marketers looking to partner with businesses who are looking to do things differently. We approach every business as an intricate challenge; one that requires breaking down each component before putting it back into its rightful place. This, ultimately, starts with the website. Website aesthetics are constantly focused on, but the website’s actual role in marketing is rarely considered. We believe that a marketing initiative should come with its own goals and design into the website, and monitoring the impact in any capacity that is available.

Minnesota SEO Agency

Search Engines MD started out as a Minnesota search engine optimization agency. Our first 100 customers were for search engine optimization, and we have successfully worked on over 400 websites to date. The reason why we have been able to be successful is because we approach SEO from the technical side first. Proper information architecture followed by proper content to deliver your customers on the right page in the first place. Simplifying your website by shortening the distance between inquiry and answer.

Optimization doesn’t take place on a page by page basis, though. To fully optimize a website you need to build the full site structure into the SEO, and deliver on the proper experience and silo that robots and humans expect. That foundational piece allows a website to be optimized for the head terms, as well as all the long tail phrases behind it. Proper design creates proper rankings. We take this portion of the strategy very serious.

For this very reason we very highly suggest not utilizing some of the drag and drop content management systems that are currently out, such as Wix and Weebly. These are amazing tools at creating a website to connect to your networking, but the optimization capacities of these websites is limiting.

Web Design Agency in Minnesota

Our approach to web design is tied directly to its use in search engine optimization and social media. We optimize and design for its use in marketing, and leverage our experience and skills to create a system that can enhance any marketing campaign. That includes monitoring and tracking interactions on the website such as clicks, scroll depth, and more. Getting as much information as possible about your website can help you leverage it to grow leads and sales.

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