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Founded in 2010 by Michael Donovan and Doug Caywood

Our Philosophy

Provide 100% customer service.

You Can't Teach Attitude

Our background in the hospitality industry has trained us well on the importance of customer service and satisfaction.

How do we provide 100% customer service? Accessibility.


  • We have managers for each service provided on all client calls.
  • The SEMD support number is the CEO’s cell number (even though we have up to 30 team members working on projects at any time).
  • SEMD hires based on attitude and passion.


Customer Service

Your business & how SEMD can fit in!

We know that your focus is on building a successful business. We also know that in the digital age of business, a strong online marketing strategy is imperative.

Our comprehensive Digital Marketing Program will help drive more leads, offering you increased opportunities to sell services and products at the most cost-effective rates possible.

SEMD has systems and processes in place to ensure that we are monitoring results consistently and always making adjustments to help move the needle for the least amount of ad spend possible.

SearchEnginesMD Team

Our Values


We report on all advertising efforts up to the meeting date with one easy reporting system and help clients understand the metrics.


We set processes in place so that we are able to be good for our word and timelines on our deliverables.


Our standard operating procedures help ensure that our deliverables are consistent and efficient.


Part of 100% customer service is being good for our word and honest in all situations, regardless of the circumstances.

Your Team

Michael Donovan

“Mike D” is Co-Founder of Search Engines MD.

Doug Caywood

Doug is COO and Co-Founder of Search Engines MD.

Alicia Long

Alicia is SEMD’s Controller.

Cody Jerry

Cody Jerry is the Director of Digital Strategy at Search Engines MD.

Dustin Thompson

Dustin Thompson is SEMD’s Marketing Manager.

Lydia Grove

Lydia is a Client Fulfillment Specialist that helps manage paid media.

Micah Trampe

Micah is SEMD’s Content Manager.

Chris Gibbs

Chris is SEMD’s Developer.

Amy Boehm

Amy is an Account Manager.

Seth Shimada

Seth is SEMD’s PPC guy.

Reed Scarfino

Reed does cool stuff with cool people.

Let's Work Together!

You care about the success of your business, and we will too.
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