Search Engine Optimization

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Who Is Your SEO And What Does He Do?

So, what’s all the hype about SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Very few marketing mediums, outside of other SEM (Search Engine Marketing) like PPC (Pay Per Click), directly targets in-market buyers. SEO literally targets people that want to hire or buy from your company. They went to Google to find someone who could solve their problems, and if your business is the one they find, then they may buy from you. Hooray!
SEO can also be used in the research phases for your potential customers. When people are searching out the hows and whys of a problem they often use search engines. Why is my car making this noise? How do I keep my house cool in the summer? What’s the best way to do this or that? With a proper content strategy that includes optimized pages you can be an authoritative resource for these questions.

What Doesn’t Your SEO Do?

Outside of catching people engaged in research, SEO will not generate new interest. If someone doesn’t know your product or service exists, then there it’s not likely they would know how to search for it. In fact, they may not even know they have a problem you can solve. To get people into your sales funnel you will have to do other forms of advertising.

Content Creation

The old cliche that content is king is still with us because it holds a lot of truth. While it doesn’t tell the whole story of your marketing efforts those efforts are dependent on great content. The SEO team at SEMD can help get your web content created. Then publish it where it can be effective in helping attract more customers to your business.

Good Compliments To SEO

Paid Digital Ads

Google, Facebook, Instagram

Traditional Advertising

Newspaper, radio and TV

Guest Blogging

Writing for another website to increase brand awareness


Sponsoring events and organizations

In Summary

SEO is only one part of a strong marketing plan. Since it can only capture people that are already interested in what you offer, you can not depend upon it to grow your marketing efforts. To continually generate business growth other forms of advertising should be part of your plan.

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