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People Are Searching For You

Google processes over 75,000 searches every second. These searches are all from people looking to solve a problem. Their intent is to get help. Help with answering a question, finding a product that they need, or employing a service to help with something that needs to be done. And for each one of these searches Google shows ads that are related to the specific search intent when someone types into the search bar.
Let’s say you search for “baskets that were weaved underwater for sale”. Google is going to do it’s best to serve you content that is relevant to what you are searching for, both organic content and paid ads. And let’s say Micah from Wyoming sells baskets that he weaves while working underwater. And let’s also say that Micah has created a Google ad in anticipation of your search. If the keyphrase Micah has chosen to look for your search is relevant and his ad copy is relevant and his web site landing page is relevant then Google can serve his ad to you. When you click on his ad Micah is charged a small fee and you now have the information necessary to fulfill your search inquiry.

In this way, Google is attempting to bring people together who are best able to assist one another with their needs and wants.

Get The Conversation Started

Google Ads is a powerful way to connect businesses with customers.

And the platform continues to grow in effectiveness and complexity almost weekly. Artificial Intelligence is taking over our bidding. There are more ad formats than ever before. And increasingly savvy ad targeting options are keeping us all on our toes!

The Rise Of AI

Google’s AI is really coming into its own. Only a year ago we would never have allowed the machine to choose our bids. Now the act of manually bidding in an ever-increasing dynamic environment is becoming more and more difficult.

In Summary

The changing ad formats are a response to millions of people’s ad interactions. With every changing options and formats, our ads are more likely to provide the right information that connects with potential customers.

And taking advantage of new audience-building options is allowing us to provide ever more relevant content to more specific groups of people.

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