Facebook Ads

The First Step To Getting More Customers!

No. 1 In Customer Aquisition

Facebook advertising is currently the best performing customer acquisition platform on the planet. Nowhere is it easier to get your message in front of more people for less money than on Facebook, and it’s all done with ads that can be tailored to your goals.
The caveat is that Facebook advertising is complex and counterintuitive. Gone are the days when we could boost a few posts and drive meaningful interactions with our businesses.

Multimedia Experience

Facebook allows for multiple different types of content that can be used to your advantage when advertising for business. Eye catching content is key, whether it be photo or video. And while boosting posts won’t cut it anymore, it’s important to remain active on your Facebook page. Relating to your followers and linking out to your website is a great way to draw attention to your products and services.

Facebook Retargeting

When running ads on Facebook, the options are limitless. From interest targeting to placements, you can really work to narrow in on your target demographic. Utilizing the data to your advantage is crucial when optimizing your ads. Facebook also makes it possible to retarget your web traffic based on specific actions taken on the site. Reaching people you know are interested in what your business has to offer helps you take advantage of low hanging fruit and increase your revenue.

In Summary

Today’s Facebook advertiser needs a dash of creative director, marketing strategy, and software development to really take advantage of what the platform offers.

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At SEMD, we’ve leveraged our combined experiences to find a successful path forward for our clients. By learning how to provide the algorithm with accurate data and relevant ad creative for our client’s audiences, we’ve created a system that faces the barriers to success on Facebook and consistently knocks them down.
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