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Consulting For Small Businesses

Getting the word out about small business, product, website, or anything you want to sell is getting more complicated by the day. That’s where we come in! Search Engines MD’s team of highly skilled professionals can help you get on the right track with your marketing. Whether you’re looking for help with a website, content, SEO, Facebook advertising, or google advertising.
If you know where you want to go with your business goals but just don’t know how or have the tools to get there, we can work with you to create a plan of action to get there. We want to help you get from your current place of business to your desired goals. We can help with minor website recommendations, to a Digital Marketing strategy for your business to follow. There are no limits when you work with us, we will help you break through the ceiling of possibilities with your business!

Our Process

Conference Call

So you’ve decided you need some help. The next step we take is getting some information from you. We set up a conference call with your team and ours where you can tell us what you want to accomplish and what challenges you are facing.

Goals & Objectives

We make sure everything is covered to meet your goals.

Make A Plan

From there we take what you want to accomplish and turn it into a detailed plan.

Second Conference Call

We then schedule another conference call to go over everything soup to nuts!

Decisive Action

You can then choose to execute the plan or assign a portion to SEMD.

In Summary

The team at Search Engines MD is here to support you. Whether we show you the way or work to grow together seeing small businesses grow is what really lights us up!

Let's Work Together!

At SEMD, we’ve leveraged our combined experiences to find a successful path forward for our clients. By learning how to provide the algorithm with accurate data and relevant ad creative for our client’s audiences, we’ve created a system that faces the barriers to success on Facebook and consistently knocks them down.
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