Data integrity and understanding the data on your website are becoming increasingly important. You want to make sure that you can track how users interact with your website and what pages they are visiting. That’s why every website should have some sort of analytics tracking set up. In this post, I am going to create a Google Analytics account so you can start tracking data on your website, today!

Making a Google Analytics Account

You will first need to head to Once you head there you will be redirected to one of two landing pages. Please look at 1a and 1b to make sure you follow the correct steps on which page you get directed.

If you happen to get directed to this screen when heading to analytics that means you have never set up an account and need to click “Start Measuring”. And will be prompted to the image below.

Once you have clicked “Start Measuring” you will be led to this step. Skip past 1b and continue to the set-up steps.


If you get directed to this page when heading to analytics, that means you have created or have access to an analytic account currently. If you want to create a new one for a new site click on the gear in the lower left corner.

Once clicked you will be led to this screen and click “Create Account”. And will be led to the screen below.

Set-Up Of Analytics

Now we should be on this page. Account Set-Up.

This page is important because you will want to make sure you name your account properly to keep your analytic accounts in order. The account name section should be the overall name you are using for your account. I used Susie’s cupcakes because that is the name of the business we are tracking with this account.

You will want to scroll down and click next. The boxes should be checked with the correct ones and if you want to share with google go ahead and click the top box.

If you are viewing this blog post before July 1, 2023, that means Universal Analytics is still available. If Universal Analytics is still available see the next image.
If not, name your property so you know which account this is for, and change the time zone to your proper time zone. I named mine to be consistent with the label GA4 because it is a GA4 property.

If universal analytics is still available, click the check mark and fill out the proper information like above. You want your website to make sure you make UA analytics and GA4 analytics.

Once you click next you will be asked to fill out a little more information about your website. You do not have to click as many options as I did but this gives you an idea of what you want to do. After that, you just need to click “Create”.

Once you have created your account Google Analytics will automatically bring you to this screen. You can see in the upper right corner View Tag Instructions or visit our blog post: “How To Install Google Analytics 4 in Google Tag Manager ”. This will show you how to install your GA4 so you can start tracking your website. The most important thing you need is the Measurement ID number.

You’re now ready to start tracking your website!

Now that you have your Google Analytics account set up you can start tracking your website. You do need to install the Universal Analytics Code and the GA4 Measurement ID on your website to track the data. You can find that information on our blog. If you want to learn more about the importance of tracking and google analytics you can look at Google’s information “here”.

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